Family owned and operated, Grass Roots Remodeling provides friendly, professional home improvement and landscaping services. By offering a variety of landscaping, installation, seasonal maintenance, and repair options, we are available for all your Severna Park, Maryland home remodeling needs. Our expert team can help in planning, designing and implementing your current home remodeling project.

Let Us Help With All Your Severna Park, Maryland Home Remodeling

Deciding to purchase a home is a major investment. Research, time and commitment go into buying and owning a home. Over time, you may realize your house is not your dream home. Our Severna Park, Maryland home improvement contractors are available to help. Fully insured and licensed, our expert team can handle various types of home renovations.

Remodeling to Improve Efficiency

Remodeling can serve as a way to improve efficiency in areas with maximum use. Upgrading a kitchen or a bathroom is a perfect example. A kitchen is often a meeting place for the entire household. Over time, the everyday usage may create natural wear. Our Severna Park, Maryland home improvement contractors can help in upgrading the area for both function and entertainment purposes.

Upgrading a bathroom allows you to design the area to meet your needs. Adding a shower or full bath may be the perfect addition to the area. We can install energy efficient systems to allow for maximum savings on heating water and other utilities.

Renovation for Extra Space

Grass Roots Home Remodeling understands the need for extra space. Every homeowner has different reasons for adding on a room. A new baby, moving in an elderly relative, the need for a second bathroom or creating a family room are a few of the popular choices to add space for comfortable living and enjoyment.

Remodeling for Appearance

Purchasing an older home may be the perfect way to save money on your investment. Over time, even the smallest renovations can help improve appearance. Installing new energy efficient windows, adding a new coat of paint or replacing old boards can drastically change the appearance of your home.

Outdoor Additions

Home remodeling often extends to outdoors. Our Grass Roots Home Remodeling experts can help you achieve your exterior upgrades.

  • Adding a deck
  • Creating an outdoor entertainment area
  • Installing a privacy fence to add security
  • Building an outdoor play area for your children
  • Adding a safe, secure pool deck and fencing

If you do not see your desired outdoor addition on the list, call us. We will be more than happy to work with you to create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Repair Work

Along with remodeling, our Severna Park Maryland home improvement contractors offers quality repair work. Addressing small repairs immediately is a proactive approach to avoiding costly emergencies. Our

Our Severna Park, Maryland home remodeling team believes there is no job too big or too small. We just want to help you achieve the look you want for your household. If you would like more information, please contact us. Grass Roots Home Remodeling provides free estimates, affordable payment options, and quality craftsmanship. Our commitment for optimal results is our priority.